There was a time in my life when I shared every last bit of my life that I could.  I was blogging about two or three times a week and I loved it.  Mostly it was friends that checked out what I was saying because I really don’t think there was too much there that would interest most people.  Blogging ended with getting married.  It was not that there was nothing to share, stories are a part of everyone’s lives.  It is just that everything that happened to me from that point on was not just about me, it was always about Susana and I.  I have become actually quite a private person when it comes to the internet over the past years but Susana is encouraging me to venture out again and it is probably time.

This will look nothing like past internet efforts.  I still don’t know how much I want to share stories about family but there are lots of things that I would like to share that are primarily for our kids.  Hopefully someday they might find such thoughts interesting or at least the fact that I shared them interesting.  That would make it all worth it.  I’m putting this all out there so I’m letting anyone take a look into what I would share with my family.  If you find it helpful, great.  If you disagree at times, that is to be expected.  None of us agree about everything.  Just be kind, patient and gracious, as we should be to everyone.  The world would be a lot better place if we disagreed with kindness.

Many blessings as you go about whatever it is that you are doing.  For now, this is just a beginning. . . hopefully.


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