Four months have passed by and I wanted to give a review about Bloom and Fly, created by Päivi Eerola.  I wanted to share with you my take on this art membership in case you are curious or you want to join.

I have enjoyed Bloom and Fly a lot. The camaraderie and the intense infusion of inspirational posts that come daily are amazing. Many creative people working constantly, it is equal to a “brain freeze” in an artful manner. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed as it is hard not to spark ideas of your own and have a traffic jam. The range of skills vary and I sometimes feel like a pre-school girl but I’m happy to know that I can grow and achieve pieces that I feel proud of, even when I’m also capable to see that I’m missing techniques or quality. Every month we get to have a Live Session and Päivi Eerola usually has a topic in mind.  This gives us a peek into her world and al the projects that she is working on. Sadly I just made it to one, when I was on vacation. In my case work doesn’t allow me to be in the “live” part of the session, but I do go home excited to find out what happened. It is handy that she records everything and it is available to us as a video to be downloaded.

We also received an audio message (and a pdf transcript) which provides us something to ponder and sets the mood for the video prepared for the theme of the month. A very detailed handout is offered as a supplement to the video. The classes are guided, open to freedom and taken at the speed you prefer. I find this convenient because you can work at your own pace or you can just start creating right away. 

Because the group is a good size, we have lots of activity. We are free to post anytime and not only from Päivi‘s classes but also  art you produce by yourself. In my case, I decided to make this experience worth it (although more expensive) by buying many of Päivi‘s Self Study Classes. Among those being “Imagine Monthly Art Journal Classes Bundle 1 and 2” and also “Inspirational Drawing”. Even though I know that these classes are well elaborated and easy to follow, I decided to work on them during Bloom and Fly.

Included with Bloom and Fly we have one day a week to get Päivi’s feedback and to me this is a significant part of this investment, as she is not only a teacher but a mentor as well.  We can only submit one piece per week for her to review.  You can specifically express what type of guidance are you looking to get from her or you can just post and wait to see what she says. This time I have noticed that during my review she has been leading me to think about things that might bring me more inspiration and also move me toward a specific area of study.  I feel at this moment that I don’t have a specific vision in mind so I’m very happy to look around and be exposed to different art movements.

If I take a look at the past I can see that I have grown by following Päivi‘s classes. Finding her and having her as my art teacher has been a blessing for me. The boost of energy that Bloom and Fly community has provided is very special, it allows me to expand my creativity and keeps me going.  Since I joined I am very excited to keep learning and looking forward to keep blooming.


– Since the beginning of 2019 the dynamic of Bloom and Fly has changed.
– You will get the basic membership  when you sign up for any of the following classes: Animal InkdomInnovative PortraitsWatercolor Journey and Inspirational Drawing.
– Charges for feedback apply.



The content of this review is based in my own opinion and has not been shared to change your mind or persuade you about purchasing the classes or membership, but only to provide you with my perspective. In order to give a glimpse of my own experience, at the time of taking this class I have ventured in the world of Art just for one year and without any previous class. I added this information to give you an idea of my skills, but please remember that we all learn at different rates and that makes us wonderful.

I have not been monetarily paid or compensated in any other way to provide this review. 

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