Life happens and it does not stop, it gets involved, it gets tangled up without waiting for anyone. What can I say … I am happy that I had the chance to love, to love deeply and intensely. What beauty it is to be able to surrender completely without expecting anything in return. I have been able to love as a mother and I can say that being a mother has been a wonderful and satisfying adventure. I never knew what kind of mother I would become, and well, I have to confess that maybe I’m a bit overprotective, that I love kissing and hugging my little ones as if there was no tomorrow and like every day is a new beginning. My life matters more now than ever because my children depend on me. The days are brighter since I have them, my heart broadens thinking about them and is overjoyed when I feel them close.

I have been able to admire the beauty that this land shows, but nothing compares to a smile from my little ones. They have been created to perfection. Listening to them and laughing with them makes me happy and brings cheer to my days. Watching them run and move entertains me in a big way and knowing them keeps me enthralled.

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