Last year I had a little glimpse of this Christmas. As we were getting ready to celebrate at Mark’s parents my little one started to feel sick. I thought that maybe it was something minor as he had been perfectly fine before that. As we were getting ready to leave the house he got worse and things went bad pretty fast. So I immediately decided to stay at home with him and Mark left with my older son to have supper.

I sat with beside my sweet son to watch tv and talk, as that kept him distracted. We were watching together as he had his head rested on me. Then suddenly he looked at me and I saw his eyes filled with emotion, I knew that he was sad. I thought that it was because he was sick. When I asked if that was the reason why, he said no. He said that he was sad because he ruined my Christmas. Ah! my sweet boy, you certainly did not ruin my Christmas as you have made it’s true meaning palpable. Christ came to the world to save us, to give us the possibility to live a new life as we follow Him and give us a new way to see the world. I told Miguel all of this and I said to Him that it will be one of my most special Christmases as we spent this time together and so we hugged and kissed each other and gave thanks to God for sending Jesus. After that I proceeded to eat my cereal and he nibble his rice cake.

This year as we all celebrate Christmas in a different way. I think about the way my Lord came to this world. There He was, here on earth just with Joseph and Mary by His side. He came without any type of ostentatious celebration, definitely not the way a king is received. So simple… and as I reflected on this, I see once again the beauty of Christmas in a different way… that brings me one more time to the essence of the celebration. We have the opportunity to worship in simplicity. To give praise to the One that gives us hope, to thank Him for the ones we love, for life and health. I see it as a pleasure to celebrate! Today more than ever, as it is certainly clear that every good gift given by Our Creator cannot be purchased with money, but it is freely given by Him.

As I remember the ones we love and no longer live among us, I send you a big hug. Let’s keep them in our hearts and remember them with joy and with the hope that someday we will see them again.

Merry Christmas❣️

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