Welcome to our blog. We are a Canadian couple who blend the cultures of Canada and El Salvador. We decided to record our experiences and then things that we are learning about.  We are thankful to do this with you.

We hope that you enjoy what you find here.


Here a little bit more about each of us:

Hello, welcome here! I wanted to give you a tour of my life, I will show you the good, the bad, the ugly and the hurtful, but I also will show you the beautiful, spectacular and wonderful parts of my life. I would like to share the sparkles of life during dark times and the happiness of being here, alive and being able to enjoy all the marvelous things that make this planet home.

One of the most important thing in my life is family. I enjoy every second when I’m around them, their presence brings me joy and peace. They are truly my biggest blessing.
I will express myself as openly as possible and forgive me please if I offend you by doing this. I assure you I want to share my thoughts in a respectful manner, so please know that my intentions are the best.
Please know that I do not have a formal education in English language, so I will make an incredible amount of mistakes while writing, but please know that I do want to connect with you.


Hello world.  I’m here trying to leave my mark on the world.  It seems like a good idea to keep a record of my thoughts and a blog is a great way to do that.  If you are here, you have probably run into one of us at some point in our lives.  Welcome here.  Even if you haven’t met us and just stumbled on to this site, please feel free to take some time to look around.


Susana will likely share a lot about art and whatever else is interesting her. I will likely reflect on God and life, being a husband, father and a pastor are the greatest roles that I have in life.  We love to travel but most of our travel brings us back to family and home.  If you go through the webpage you’ll likely find a lot more out about us and in a way that is way more fun than reading an “about us” page.  So God bless and have a wonderful day as you surf the interweb.







Please be kind when you are expressing yourself, it is important to us that you are free to speak openly but in a respectful manner. We all live in this world together and that is what makes it wonderful.

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