I just found out about this event. It is my first time attending, I’m not sure if they had one in the past, I couldn’t find a review, but it is free so I thought to give it a try and I signed up. The workshop officially begins April 23rd and runs through May 4th. Each day you’ll get an email with links to the two sessions of the day. You’re free to do as many of the sessions as you’d like, from all to just a couple. They give a list of supplies per class, but you are able to use whatever supplies you have on hand. Please come back I’ll post my sketches late on.  Sketchbook Revival here I come! **All sessions will be available until May 18th so there is plenty of time. I think this means that you can not download the classes.

Four months have passed by and I wanted to give a review about Bloom and Fly, created by Päivi Eerola.  I wanted to share with you my take on this art membership in case you are curious or you want to join. I have enjoyed Bloom and Fly a lot. The camaraderie and the intense infusion of inspirational posts that come daily are amazing. Many creative people working constantly, it is equal to a “brain freeze” in an artful manner. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed as it is hard not to spark ideas of your own and have a traffic jam. The range of skills vary and I sometimes feel like a pre-school girl but I’m happy to know that I can grow and achieve pieces that I feel proud of, even when I’m also capable to see that I’m missing techniques or quality. Every month we get to have a…

I have always loved art, the colour, the textures, the way it makes me feel. I wish I could have joined a class early on, but life went on and I didn’t have the opportunity to do it, but instead of keeping on wishing I decided to change my reality and I’m so excited to share with you that in April of 2017 I finally did it! Yes, sometimes those feelings that pull you back are not the ones to hold on to. I will be sincere by telling you that I had also encountered moments of regret regarding the time that I spent wishing and not learning, but I have put them aside by keeping on enjoying the present moment.  I’m still a beginner and I know I have a long journey ahead of me, but I’m enjoying every minute. This is the first post of many more to come. and I invite…

I open this area to share my walk with God, I have walked through beautiful fields, prairies, and meadows, but sometimes during my life, I have walked through steep hills, but to me, it was comforting to know that He was by my side. I was a believer since little but started to have a relationship with God since 2001 and that has changed my life. I hope that my thoughts, prayers and the way I reach to God motivate you to in your own walk.

My life is my biggest adventure yet and I’m planning to enjoy it and take the best of it. I’m on a quest to have a positive view, to find beauty in little details and to explore the world that surrounds us. This is the beginning of much more to come.