I have noticed for a while that when I create I tend to use the same color pallet. Blues are my weakness and I’m just not strong enough to resist. So I have been looking for ways to find inspiration that allows me to expand the range of colors that I use. The only issue is that sometimes it is not very easy and trying to find the perfect way to produce a pleasing visual combination can interrupt my creative stream.  The internet has been my friend on many occasions as I go and lose myself in the many number of posts out there, it has happened that by the time I’m done  and have chosen the perfect color combo it is almost time to go to bed.  So I have been searching a way to compile different color combinations, but my search ended when I found Colorflow, an Artistic Resource created by Ivy Newport

Colorflow has been released as a softcover book and the size is small enough (7”X7”) that it is easily carried with you everywhere. Ivy has also created Colorflow digital.  I have had the pleasure of enjoying the digital version and I felt inspired by it from the beginning.  I really love all the color pallets selected by Ivy and I also like the extra personal touches that she has added by sharing inspirational quotes and artistic tips. Colorflow can be an easy way to ignite your imagination. The artistic quality of each image chosen is exquisite, taken by great photographers. You can feel free to use them as a reference in any project you are planning or you have ongoing as they are copyright free images. So you can create with the confidence that you can use them for commercial purposes as well. How awesome is that! 

Colorflow contains four sections of reference images: Faces and Figures, Fruit and Flowers, Flora and Fauna and also, Land and Sky. The quality of the images  and the resolution of the digital version is really good and it is very easy to download. I have mine in my cellphone and it is ready for me when inspiration hits. You can motivate yourself easily by choosing a page and starting to create. 

What I like even more is the fact that with the purchase of  Colorflow her self-published book and  Colorflow digital  Ivy also  gives you access to the Colorflow Classroom where she has provided lessons inspired by pages of Colorflow. The classes will guide you step by step in color mixing.  Ivy shows  that it is not necessary to buy a lot of  tubes or bottles to have access to a variety of colors. This knowledge will also be helpful when working en plein air, sketching on the go or when  choosing to work with a limited palette.

Ivy has shared in the picture above the painting that she has created for her first class in the Coloflow Classroom. As you can see she has not intended to copy her reference exactly, instead she invites each of us to create and express our style. I think this shot is a great way to see for yourself how great these resources are. 

Before giving this review I worked on the three projects that Ivy has in the Colorflow Classroom and I had a lot of fun with them.  I feel that the classroom is a great bonus to Colorflow because you can see Ivy working, choosing her composition and adding her own interpretations to each project.



The content of this review is based in my own opinion and has not been shared to change your mind or persuade you about purchasing the artistic resource, but only to provide you with my perspective.  Please know that I have been truthful in giving you a glimpse of my own experience.  

I have not been monetarily paid, but a copy of Colorflow digital was given to me. This review was written as an act of my own will and I have given a sincere opinion of the way I used this resource in my creative practice. 

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